Thursday, July 1, 2010

On Inquisitors and Guardsmen

"What have we here?" Inquisitor Balerephos asked his majordomo, First Acolyte Leroi.

Leroi looked up from his recaff, dour-faced as always during the hours before the sun normally rises.

"Well, sir, these guardsmen were cut down by Tyranids.  This command squad was caught during the retreat."

"I see.  But it appears that the officer was not actually hit by any of the fleshborer rounds."  The Inquisitor crunched some of the dead, beetle-like creatures under his foot for emphasis.

"No sir.  However, this legion had been known for a lack of discipline.  You can see that one of the commander's retinue actually tried to escape, fleeing his post.  You can tell by the wounds on his back, and the fact that he made it a bit farther than the rest of his squad.  Ironically, he had been charged with carrying the regimental banner, for morale.  These banners aren't light.  And when he dropped the regimental banner, it fell on his commanding officer.  The bronze wing on the side impaled him, fatally from the looks of it.  Right through his skull, killing him in an instant.  With the commander dead, it's no wonder the rest of these troops were routed."

"I see.  Well I guess you could say this is what happens when..."

The Inquisitor trailed off briefly, and pulled a pair of solar-optic lenses from his front pocket, fitting them over his normal glasses to shield his eyes from the rising sun.  Looking down at the corpse, he continued,

" let standards fall."


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