Thursday, July 1, 2010


 I discovered the 'Space Marine Chapter Name Generator' over at Bolter and Chainsword a while back, and it's been a source of much amusement for me.

I now propose a game.  Hit the random name generator until you laugh (or at least crack a smile).  When you laugh, you have to come up with fluff or the chapter.  Let me demonstrate:

First button press: Purple Wizards.  Heh.

Wow, that was quick.

Um, let's see.  The Purple Wizards are a loyalist chapter from a relatively late founding, based on the geneseed of the Blood Angels.  As such, a larger proportion of their chapter than usual are psykers, and they tend to hone these abilities instead of the usual focus on melee strike forces that traditionalist Blood Angels favor.  After their founding, they built their fortress-monastary on the remote world of Indigo.  Though originally named the 'Red Bloodmurderers' by a particularly zealous and uncreative Chapter Master,  the Purple Wizards changed their name after an incident where the entire First Company repainted its armor purple for better camoflauge amongst the giant, highly toxic flowers that cover much of Indigo's surface during the spring and fall (which last 4/5ths of the year because of its orbit).  After crushing a massive but poorly camoflauged contingent of Khornate cultists and Chaos Space Marines with their ambush tactics and psychic abilities despite being massively outnumbered, the entire chapter was repainted purple in the First Company's honor, and renamed the 'Purple Wizards.'  Most members of the chapter were happy to see the name 'Red Bloodmurderers' go, despite the general concensus amongst its members that the 'Purple Wizards' was not much better.

Now if only I could draw at all well, I'd whip up some funny pictures to go along with this.


P.S.: I just got 'Dancing Gators' to pop up as a name.  Followed by the 'Psi Hornets.'  25H, you need to get on this!

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  1. >>Psi Hornets

    Oh, I am SO in. Gimme a day or so, though-- I MUST LIVE UP TO ITS NAME.