Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Old Favorites

It's been a while since I engaged with that image meme I love so much, but for a while, I had only a one or two role playing characters to meme up, and it was hard to get started.  Then when I got to critical mass, I was just lazy.

No longer!

Orpheus Agent Jared Argyris from Orpheus, Summer 2010

Veil Agent Mithan Dispara (Shadar-Kai Ranger), New Veras Campaign (D&D 4e), Fall 2010

Outcast Jerok the Honorless (Half-Orc Barbarian), New Veras Campaign (D&D 4e), Spring 2011

Taros Steelscream (Black Shield Assault Marine), The Cycle of Fate (Deathwatch), Summer 2011

Well, I expect to drop another one of these posts in a year or so.  I hope I'm lucky enough to have had yet another year of amazing RPGs to fool around in!

Edit: Bonus!

My Co-DM from the New Veras campaign has kindly provided his "what the DM actually saw" version of Mithan Dispara:

I can see that.  It's extra appropriate because I main Snake in Brawl.  And Mithan did love setting land mines.



  1. To be fair, Taros never *did* rush into anything stupidly, much to my... I guess not-surprise?

    Also, first one middle would be appropriate to every character in that campaign.

  2. In my defense, I did roll a number of times to see if Taros would rush into battle regardless of the planned ambush/possible diplomacy options/certain death from a frontal assault, and several times he almost did. Only quick-thinking and good Command tests from Ceros and Ceinlys kept him in line.