Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Expectations, Reactions, and Results


For anyone who hasn't read the page or doesn't immediately understand it, I'll give you a gloss:

"What I Made" is a (hopefully) oversimplified version of your character concept.

"What the DM Saw" is how your DM perceived the question in character.

"What I Played" is a (hopefully) oversimplified version of how you played the character.

Now on to the fun part: characters of mine from past campaigns!

Private First-Class Mercito Grant from Inquisitor, Winter 2009

Tech-Priest Daret Feliron from Dark Heresy, Summer 2010:

("What the DM Saw" image courtesy HTMC.)

But yes, this meme combines two things I love: oversimplified character concepts and "What I watched/What I expected/What I got!"  If only the original /tg/ thread wasn't dead and gone...



  1. I still think there should be a hot babe in arm in the last Daret panel (because you were the only one with any social graces... Remski burned his away).

  2. I'll admit, I didn't notice Daret's change in facial expression at first. Classy.

  3. Yeah, Daret has HK-47's head in the first picture, as you may notice. Originally he was going to hate the Fleshbags just like a good Tech-Priest should, but when he became the dedicated healer AND the most diplomatic member of the party on several occasions, this didn't seem such a functional viewpoint.