Monday, May 30, 2011

On Potholes and Petroglyphs

Day 6 (May 24):  Monument Valley / 4-Corners / Santa Fe

Our Route for the Day:

We woke up “early” (9:00am) (or rather *I* woke up early – my traveling companion was still suffering from his head cold, and so I let him sleep as long as possible), paid for our hotel room, and checked out, before on visiting the San Juan Inn’s café, where we tried some Navajo Frybread (which was like Fried Dough, but with a slightly different consistency, served with honey).  With the sun up, we discovered that the San Juan Inn is actually set in a beautiful canyon alongside a river, and not merely a building surrounded by the pitch void that we had seen the night before when we arrived.  Who knew?

We then hit the road, only to discover that my phone hadn’t the slightest clue how to navigate this region.  For the rest of the day, we were forced to resort to looking at static petroglyphs on a non-dynamic, folding flat-screen for our directions.

Visited Monument Valley.  Words of description of the landscape are wasted:

Words of description for the road AROUND this indescribable landscape: very bumpy.  We got to test the Subaru Outback’s off-road capacities.  This probably killed a few of the brave Warhammer 40k models whose cases are strapped in the back of the car.  Their sacrifices will be remembered.

We ran into a rainstorm in the desert.

As we drove, we repeatedly saw an unknown rock formation.  It never seemed to get any closer, though.

On a whim (and because I badly needed a bathroom break), we veered briefly off our path to Santa Fe to visit Four Corners.  After snapping a few pictures and jumping from state to state to state to state until the novelty wore off (read: once), we hit the road once again.

Got in to Santa Fe around 9 pm, where we were greeted by some friends of my traveling companion who were kind enough to put us up.  We both crashed early, tired from the long drive.


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