Monday, May 30, 2011

On Grays

Day 8 (May 26):  Santa Fe/Tent Rocks/Roswell/Carlsbad

Map for the Day:

Woke up with sore throat.  Sh*t.

Went to Trader Joe’s but ended up at Albertson’s.  Bought wine and card.  Sort of anti-climatic after all the work we did the day before.

Visited Tent Rocks, a very odd volcanic rock formation about 45 minutes from Santa Fe.  Very much worth the visit, and a nice hike to boot.

Sore throat got worse.  Sh*t.

Started our drive:

Drove to Roswell.  Nothing there, really, but we got a picture of the UFO research museum, just for fun.  There were a ton of hotels, though, so clearly it gets busy occasionally.

Sore throat got worse.  Sh*t.

Got to Carlsbad.  Checked into cheap motel in slightly sketchy part of town.  Blagged for several hours, watched some Wakfu.

Sore throat got worse.  Sh*t.

Went to sleep.  Didn't really sleep, but unfortunately, the convenience store that we had used earlier was closed, and so I couldn't get any drugs to ameliorate the problem.  Used anime as a substitute, but with limited effect due to the crappy wireless making streaming very difficult.


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