Monday, July 11, 2011

On Why I Cannot Sympathize with The Protagonist of Linebarrels of Iron

[First-Episode spoilers for a show that I cannot recommend to even the most die-hard Mecha fans]

My potential enjoyment of Linebarrels of Iron was kind of doomed from the start.  It filled a checklist of things I didn't like (super robot, bad CG, a ridiculously unlikeable main character, shitty Gundam Seed-style character designs, cliche'd Eva ripoff plot).  

But I was starved for Mecha during one of the Broken Blade/Gundam UC lulls, and the mechanical designs are really nice...



So, despite my trepidation, I decided to take an ill-advised crack at the show.

However, no matter how doomed it was from the start, I pretty much dropped it because, at this moment, I knew that I'd never be able to relate to the main character.  When faced with the following situation after having a giant robot and a magic nudist land on him:

He took home the naked chick AND LEFT BEHIND THE ROBOT!  Who does that!?!

Also, the show is poorly animated.